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We provide honest solutions for investors in Canada looking to grow their investment portfolios with high return real estate investments. 

Innovalty Investments is one of Canada‘s top real estate investing groups because we focus on doing things right.  We specialize in fully managed turnkey investment solutions using our Lease Option investment strategy.

A big passion of ours is helping people invest in real estate without the hassle of owning real estate.

Innovalty Investments offers fully managed turnkey solutions. What this means is we basically do everything for you. We will …

  • find the tenant
  • find the property
  • guarantee your monthly payments
  • cover all maintenance and repairs

All you have to do is buy the property.

Canada  fixer upper housesPeople Buy Real Estate to Make Money, not to Be a Landlord

Let’s face it. People buy real estate because they want to make money. Real Estate investing can be very risky and can take a lot of time.

  • Who wants to deal with bad tenants?
  • Evicting a problem tenant can be very difficult to do.
  • You have to learn the rules of your local landlord tenants act. It is usually a long process too. And by the time you have finally gotten rid of your tenant, you may have lost 2 – 3 months rent.

People who work with us do so because they want to make that passive income without having to deal with the hassles of being a landlord and property management.

I invested with Jim Pellerin and his team just over 3 years ago. The whole process was easy right from the start. They found the investment and took care of everything.  After 3 years we sold the property and I made my money and more.

I wished I would have done this years ago. I was always intimidated about the thought of investing in Real Estate. The team at Innovalty handled everything. All I had to do was write a cheque.


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